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Add New Documents panel

Save Panel contains the tools available to the user to save files or URLs to the PIQNIC repository. It is placed on the right side of the Documents and Files screen.

Document management – Add new files

In most cases, files and URLs are saved to the repository by using an admin defined and managed tool called Save Profile. 

Similar to searches, Save Profiles are assigned to roles, so the set of profiles a user can see is a collection of all Save Profiles assigned to all Roles they are members of.

On the Add New Documents panel, Save Profiles are rendered as square drag-and-drop targets where one or more files can be dragged onto. 

Profiles prompt users for classification information (document indexes) according to rules that the system admin has associated with that Profile. 

Similar to Searches, frequently used classification information and corresponding Save Profiles can be saved as Favourites by the user and they will be rendered in a different shade of the blue colour. When used, Favourites will have saved classification information pre-populated in metadata fields.

Special type of Save Profile supports Deferred Indexing that allows user to postpone classification of ingested documents to a more convenient time or to be performed by a delegate. These Save Profiles are shown in red colour. Documents ingested through Deferred indexing profile are placed into “Unindexed Files” list shown in a separate tab. Access to this list is subject to the Administrator’s authorisation.

Subject to the Administrator’s authorisation, a user’s Save panel can contain Batch Profiles tab with a special set of Profiles that allow ingestion of large number of documents packed in the zip file.

Save Profiles Tab 

This tab contains Save Profiles which act as drag-and drop target where files can be dragged to. If clicked on, a file system picker will open to allow selection of files to be ingested. 

URLs can be ingested only if allowed by the Administrator – when user clicks on such Save Profile, the system will prompt the user to enter URL location that is to be classified and saved in PIQNIC. 

Unlike files, URLs can be saved only one at the time. 

Information icon and the colour of Save Profiles changes to show: 

  • Save Profiles defined by the administrator (paper stack icon, blue colour) 
  • Save Profiles saved by user as Favourites (star in the right corner, light blue colour) 
  • Save Profiles used to save URLs (link icon, green colour)
  • Deferred Save Profiles (bolt icon, red colour). 

Additional information about the Save Profile, and user’s activity through it, is available by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner: 

  • Name and Description of the Save Profile 
  • History – most recent files ingested through the selected Save Profile 
  • Class Name and Related Searches – Name of the Document Class and Searches retrieving documents ingested through the selected Save Profile. 

The Plus button allows creation of a Favourite Save Profile, visible only to the logged-in user. Prompts for selection of Save Profiles, Metadata field values and Name. 

File ingestion through Save Profile 

If Deferred indexing flag is set for the zone, the selected files or URLs are ingested and will be available for indexing through “Unindexed files” tab. These files and URLs will not be visible in any Document search until fully indexed. 

If Deferred indexing flag is not set, selected files or URL are shown in a pop up document classification screen containing the following controls: 


Placed above the viewer, shows the file name and how many files in total are being processed (file x of y). Not available if saving a URL reference  

Viewer if file of supported type

Mini browser window for URL reference 

Collection of indexing fields

This is defined by the Administrator.  

Add file to previous document

If checked, indexing fields will be disabled and a file will be added as related to the previously indexed document. 

Not available for the first file being indexed and also when saving a URL reference.

Save as Favourite

Prompts for a name before saving Profile and current fields values as one of user’s favourites Save Profiles which will appear in the Save Profiles panel. 

Add to Task (existing or new)

Users can simultaneously add a file to any task they own or are assigned to. The file will be added to the selected task or a new task following the ingestion. 

Save and Next

Classifies the document using current field values and moves to the next file. It will not succeed if the user is not allowed to save a document through administrator defined access policies. 

If there is an existing document in PIQNIC with identical set of indexes, user will be offered to:

  • allow duplicate document 
  • add file as related file    
  • add a version of an existing file. 

If version is selected, a list of files currently associated with the document will be provided (each file could be viewed in a separate window). Users will have to select file, and version type (minor/major). Optionally they can provide comments and alternative File Title. This dialog is similar to the one in the Document Details Panel.  


Removes a file from indexing list. 

Discards any uploads or information entered and moves to the next file. 


If not all files are indexed, a warning will be displayed and non-indexed files discarded.

Unindexed Files tab 

This tab shows a list of all files that are ingested through Profiles with Deferred Indexing flag set that haven’t been indexed (classified) yet. 

Document management – Unindexed files

Content of the list is subject to restrictions by the Administrator to allow users to complete indexing of the following unindexed files: 

  • Own files
  • Files authored by specified Roles 
  • Files ingested through specified Save Profiles. 

The list can be filtered by file name. 

List items are presented with following information: 

  • File name 
  • Name of the profile ingested through or selected in Bulk Import Definition
  • Created by
  • Created on. 

The list can be sorted by any of the above columns. 

Selected files can be removed. 

File indexing is initiated by double-clicking on any item from the list. Indexing will start from that file through the indexing dialog described previously in File ingestion through Save Profile. 

Batch Profiles Tab 

If enabled for a user’s role, this tab contains the list of Batch Profiles defined for the organisation. 

Bulk ingesting document through Batch Profiles 

Each zone is a drag-and-drop target for a zip file that may contain many files as well as the metadata file that will be used for file classification. Uploaded zip files are processed according to the rules defined by the Administrator. 

Once upload is initiated, users will be presented with information on progress and total upload size. Upload can be cancelled before completion – any files or partial files will be removed from the server.

Information button in the top left corner of each Batch Profile provides access to the following information for each job that was initiated:

  • Processing Date/Time 
  • Number of input lines processed 
  • Number of documents created 
  • Number of files saved 
  • Status (in progress, complete, complete with errors, failed). 
  • Log file (download log file with details, and error descriptions.

This list can be refreshed manually or automatically by clicking on the respective buttons at the top of the screen.