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Favorites tab

Favourites tab contains objects saved by a user which make access to documents faster.

This is an area of the application where users can place and manage shortcuts to different commonly used PIQNIC objects. It is designed to be controlled only by the user in order to create an efficient, personal work environment that can change with work assignments. 

Document management – Favourites tab

Favorite searches (saved at search form / search results) 

Favourite searches are user-saved searches containing frequently used search criteria. They can be executed without having to re-enter search criteria to a search every time. 

Favourite searches are only visible, and managed by the user who created them.

Bookmarked documents (created at search results or document details) 

Bookmarked documents can be accessed directly without searching, so they are typically used to pin frequently used documents for easy access.

Bookmarked documents are only visible, and managed by the user who created them.

URL bookmarks 

This folder contains URL locations saved by the user using “+” button as well as URL bookmarks assigned to user’s roles by the Administrator. 

URL Bookmarks are only visible, and managed by the user who created them. 

User defined folders 

Users can create any number of folders using “+” button. 

Favourite searches, URL bookmarks, and bookmarked documents can all be placed inside these folders. This is handy to separate artefacts belonging to different projects, research, or initiatives. 

Folders are only visible to and managed by the user who created them. 

Recently Viewed Documents (showing up to 10 most recently viewed documents)

If these documents contain multiple files, they are expandable – similarly to Bookmarked documents. 

Ellipsis button 

Using the ellipsis button beside each node, user-created items in the Favourites tab (folders, URLs, bookmarked documents) can be:  

  • removed from favourites tab – this does not delete documents or searches from the repository 
  • moved to another folder – this does not apply to folder objects 
  • edited – their label in Favourites tab can be modified. 


Opens document or selected file in Document Details window.  

  • URLs are shown in a separate window. 
  • Searches are executed. 
  • User-defined folders are expanded.  
  • All objects containing the description will show a tooltip.