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Save Profiles

Documents and files are saved to PIQNIC through drag-and-drop zones we call Save Profiles.

Document Management – Add new file(s)

Similar to search definition, the system administrator can preset values or prompts for some metadata fields. This makes document capture or ingestion faster while assuring the integrity of the document classification, underlying searches, and access policies.

Similar to searches, Save Profiles are always associated with a single document class and can be assigned to multiple roles. Users can use all Save Profiles assigned to roles they are members of.

It is possible to save and classify external URL references as PIQNIC documents. Specially configured Save Profiles can save these references, which can be returned alongside other PIQNIC documents by PIQNIC searches.

Users can create their Favourite Profiles by associating commonly used indexing information to Save Profiles they have access to. Favorite Profiles are managed by and visible only to the user who created them.

Document management – file indexing